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If you choose to use a form as provided here in Word 6.0/97 format, please be advised that the appearance, page breaks, margins, fonts,and other aspects of the document that you prepare based on the form will be affected, and may be altered, by the version of Word or another word processor you use and by the printer you use. Please be sure that the completed document conforms with all rules governing acceptable document formats, particularly those stated in General Rule (GR) 14. This includes but is not limited to the requirement that writing / printing shall appear on one side of the page only. See the model form (PDF) for an example.

The State Supreme Court administers the Judicial branch of the Washington state government. For other information on Washington state, visit Access Washington.

If you are looking for Washington state laws, you will find the Revised Code of Washington (RCW) and the Washington Administrative Code at the website for the Washington State Legislature.