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Police Department Survey

  1. Plesae tell us about yourself: We ask that only residents/business owers within the city limits of Burlington complete the survey; if you are located in the gray shaded area on the map, please do not complete this survey. Check only the boxes that pertain to yourself. Please reference the zone map for the affiliation questions. Click to view the zone map.
  2. Residency:
  3. How long have you lived in Burlington:
  4. Business Owner:
  5. Years owning a buisness in Burlington:
  6. Gender:
  7. Age:
  8. Ethnicity:
  9. Please click here to see the zone map to answer the following affiliation questions:
  10. Neighborhood affiliation: (SEE MAP)
  11. Business affiliation (SEE MAP)
  13. 1. How are we doing?
    Check the option that most describes how you feel in general about the Burlington Police Department and the job we are doing:
  14. 2. How safe do you feel for you, your family and your property?
  15. In your home
  16. In your neighborhood
  17. In the business district
  18. At community events
  19. 3. Currently, what would you like to see the Burlington Police Department concentrate on in your area?
    Check all that apply:
  20. 4. In your neighborhood/business, check the box that best applies to your level of concern for the following questions:
  21. Crimes against persons (assault, robbery)
  22. Crimes against property (theft, burglary, vandalism)
  23. Traffic Enforcement (speeding, accidents)
  24. 5. How often do you walk, run or bike in your neighborhood?
  25. 6 am to 6 pm
  26. 6 pm to Midnight
  27. Midnight to 6 am
  28. 6. How can we increase our level of service in your neighborhood/business?
    Check all that apply
  29. 7. Importance of existing/future services? How important are the following services to you?
  30. Crime prevention programs
  31. Graffiti abatement
  32. Traffic enforcement
  33. Drug enforcement
  34. Proactive Police Team
  35. COPP (Citizen on Police Patrol)
  36. 8. Have you had contact with the Burlington Police Department in the past 2 years?
    If not, skip to #9
  37. 8a. If you have had contact with the Burlington Police Department during the last 2 years, how would you rate your experience?
  38. 8b. How would you rate the employee's professionalism?
  39. 8c. How did you contact the Burlington Police Department
  40. 9. Do you feel the Burlington Police Department is engaging with the community to promote public safety?
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