Mathematics & Science

Resources that support homework for Math & Science.

Check out a telescope from the Burlington Public Library!

Code is a non-profit website dedicated to encouraging all people, but especially school-aged students, to learn to code online.

Codeacademy is an online learning platform that offers free coding classes in programming languages including Python, Java, JavaScript, Ruby, SQL, C++, HTML, and CSS.

Crash Course are courses that are excellent to learn new subjects or to review for upcoming exams. They are a series of short videos that are crash courses in each subject. Anatomy, for example, has 47 short videos. Look up videos on just the nervous system, endocrine system, or skeletal system for a quick review!
Artificial Intelligence
Computer Science
History of Science

Thanks to the Washington State Library, LinkedIn Learning (previously, use your same login and pin) is available with either a Burlington Library card, or if you are not in the Burlington Library District but live in the state of Washington, you can apply for one at the Washington State Library for free.  They offer courses in software development, web design, business, and even guitar lessons!

NIDA for Teens The trusted source for science-based information on teen drug use and its effects.

Seneca Learning is a great resource for help with Algebra i and ii, Geometry,  Biology, Chemistry, and more!

Skymaps Free maps each month for you to explore, learn, and enjoy the night sky. The library has telescopes for checkout to use with the new Skymaps every month! Check one out!