Library Volunteers

Library Volunteers

The library benefits from many wonderful volunteers, both short- and long-term. If you are interested in finding out about volunteer opportunities at the Burlington Public Library, please contact the Adult Volunteer Coordinator Rachel Lunden by calling 360-755-0760.


The volunteer program at the Burlington Public Library is a win-win proposition:

  • The volunteers have satisfying experiences
  • Their service helps us meet the needs of the people we serve

Colored handsThe reasons people choose to volunteer are as varied as the volunteers themselves. Here are a few:

  • "It's an opportunity to serve, and I get to be around books!"
  • "It's fun, and I get to meet new people."
  • "It's the way I get out into the world - it's stress relief for me."
  • "I feel valued and appreciated, and it feels good to help."
  • "The library was important to my girls, growing up. Now I can give back.