The Stormwater Management Program (SWMP) details how the City of Burlington intends to comply with the terms and conditions of its National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Phase II Municipal Stormwater Permit. This permit is required because the City of Burlington has been designated by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Washington State Department of Ecology as one of thousands of municipalities in the United States requiring a special stormwater permit.

Stormwater runoff from streets, parking lots, construction sites, industrial properties, and residential areas is now recognized as one of the leading sources of pollution to our streams, lakes, wetlands, and Puget Sound.

Public Comments

The City of Burlington is creating a Stormwater Management Action Plan (or SMAP) which is required by the State Department of Ecology. The City is required to identify a specific area in which to make improvements to the storm drainage system, with the goal being to further protect surface water quality and beneficial uses. 

The City of Burlington is soliciting comments on how the Stormwater Management Plan might be improved. View documents available for public comment. Public input comments may be sent to the Department of Public Works.

Stormwater Facilities Maintenance

View stormwater facilities maintenance information and other pollution prevention information. The city has also partnered with Skagit Conservation District for public outreach and education opportunities. Additional information can be found at the Skagit Conservation District website or 360-428-4313.

Water Quality Hotline

During the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., call Public Works at 360-755-9715. After hours, call 911 and dispatchers will contact the appropriate agency.

Illicit Hazardous Discharges

It is unlawful to make illicit or hazardous discharges, either directly or indirectly to a public storm system. Please contact us for reporting any Illicit Discharges. City staff understands the need for confidentiality, so calls can be anonymous. Most stormwater runoff within the City of Burlington drains into Gages Slough, then is pumped into the Skagit River. It is important to eliminate pollution into our stormwater system, and preserve the quality of water in our streams and rivers.