Viewing & Copying Public Records

The Public Records Officer will make records available for inspection and copying by appointment during normal business hours, excluding legal holidays. Requestors will not remove documents from the viewing area or disassemble or alter any document.

The requestor will indicate which documents he or she wishes the city to copy.

Cost for Public Records

  • Black and white copies: $0.15 per page
  • Inspecting public records: No fee
  • Mailing: Actual cost of postage and shipping container
  • Other media: Actual cost of reproduction (Color, electronic, and/or information provided on a disk or CD-ROM)

Payments by cash, check, or money order payable to "City of Burlington" are accepted.

Large Requests

For large requests, the city may:

  • Require a deposit of up to 10% of estimated cost before making copies
  • Provide copies in installments
  • Require advance payment before providing further installments