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November 15, 2021 11:32 AM

Flood Threat & Evacuation Plan

The City of Burlington would like to remind everyone that if you are not trained to rescue someone from a potential flood situation, please do not attempt to do so. Do not drive in flooded areas. Pay attention to the road closures. Remember do not drown, turn around.

If you are in an emergency situation. Please call 911 and the appropriate agencies will be dispatched. If you have a flood or wind related event, please contact Skagit County DEM – 360-416-1872

Stay tuned to your radio and listen for instructions on one of the following local Emergency Alert Systems or call 360-428-3250.

KBRC 1430 AM
KWLE 1340 AM.

If you need to evacuate your home, please secure your home before leaving; Turn off electricity, gas and water if possible.

Residents in the floodplain should take action over the next 24-48 hours to protect their homes, families, and livestock from floodwaters. If you are in need of sandbags or other resources and are not sure where to go, please contact Skagit County Department of Emergency Management at 360-416-1850.

For updated river forecasts and additional flooding information, please visit or call the River Level Hotline at 360-416-1404.

Sandbags are available at:

• Alger Fire Station (gravel areas when you pull in) 360-724-3451
• Allen Fire Hall, 9061 Avon Allen (south parking lot) 360-766-6325
• Dike District 12, 1317 S. Anacortes St 360-757-3484
• Concrete Public Works Dept., 7285 Baker Street 360-853-8550
• Edison Fire Hall, 14304 West Bow Hill Road (Bunker West of Fire Hall) 360-766-6325
• Hamilton Fire Hall, 951 Pettit Street 360-826-3983
• La Conner Public Works, 604 North 3rd Street 360-466-3933
• Mount Vernon Road Shop, 405 W Fir St 360-336-6218
• Dike District 17, 1121 E Stewart St, Mount Vernon 360-428-0374
• Sedro Woolley Recycling Station, 315 Sterling St 360-855-1884

Sandbags are not prefilled. Community members should bring their own shovel.

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