Wi-Fi Hotspot Lending

You can now borrow the Internet from the Burlington Public Library thanks to a CARES grant from the Washington State Library.

We are lending out Orbic Speed hotspots that connect to the Internet using Verizon’s 4G network.

To see if coverage is available where you would like to use a hotspot, check Verizon’s coverage map.

When the hotspot is connected to the Internet, it uses its own Wi-Fi signal to share access torbic speed pico the Internet. Up to 10 devices can connect to an Oribic Speed Hotspot! A cell phone won’t need to use its data plan when it’s connected to the Internet using a Wi-Fi hotspot.  

You may borrow a single hotspot for 4 weeks with no renewals. Only one hotspot request per patron is allowed at a time. Visit our online catalog to place a request on an Orbic. 

Hotspots come in a case with a charger, charging cable, and an instruction card. Because of the protective case it is fine to return them in a library book drop.

Wi-Fi Hotspot FAQ