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  • Teen Ghost Stories

  • Great Audiobooks for Teens

  • Teen Books for Young Activists

  • Life is Tough (Teen Fiction)Books help us make sense of the world. We can find solace in stories that reflect our experiences or put us into the shoes of someone different from ourselves. Check out these books that explore topics such as dysfunctional families, mental health, racism, assault, and more. While these stories address tough issues they reveal how teens have the capacity to overcome challenges and use their voices to change the world.

  • Get in the Game (Teen Fiction): Whether you’re a regular player or have never touched a video game console or a basketball, these books will inspire you to get creative and competitive.

  • Friendships & Romance (Teen Fiction): Relationships – whether platonic or romantic – play a huge role when we’re growing up. Check out these stories of complicated friendships and swoon-worthy romances that explore the ups and downs that come with having other humans in our lives.

  • Blast from the Past (Teen Fiction): Historical fiction takes place in the past and gives the reader a real feel for the time period and setting. Find yourself stalking murderers, living among the royalty, or overcoming some of the most difficult challenges of our past.

  • Get Swept Away (Teen Fantasy): When you need an escape from reality plunge into one of these captivating fantasy novels! From fairy tales to epic sagas, these books will sweep you away to far-off kingdoms filled with magic, mystery, and romance.

  • What If...(Teen Sci-Fi):  Science fiction explores the many ways our world could change as our planet's boundaries are expanded through scientific or technological discovery. Escape into an exciting and mind-bending sci-fi story that will make you wonder "what if"… 

  • Teen Graphic Novels (& Manga): Graphic novels provide a refreshingly different way to read than in traditional novels. Stories are told through panels and illustrations, and while they are often fast-paced they can delve into more series issues, too. There’s a graphic novel out there for every type of reader!

  • Whodunnit? (Teen Mysteries): Secret societies, government conspiracies, people gone missing or wrongly accused of crimes…just about anything can happen in a good mystery. These books are guaranteed to get your blood pumping and keep you turning the pages well into the night.

  • For Real Though (Teen Non-Fiction): Some readers assume nonfiction books are full of dates and names they’ll be forced to remember but this couldn’t be further from the truth! There is a nonfiction book out there for pretty much any interest. Love activism or current events? Struggling with anxiety or depression? Maybe you love inspirational stories or deep dives into interesting people (ahem, any Hamilton fans out there)? We’ve got books for all of these.