About Us


Burlington Public Library Inspires, Empowers, and Connects Our Community


Burlington Public Library is a hub for the community, where all are welcome and learning thrives.


Access - We create access to opportunity. We provide all members of our community open access to diverse resources, collections, and services.

Community Engagement - We are a hub for building community. We engage in collaborations, share resources widely, and provide community space. We bring people together to inspire empathy, optimism, and fun.

Intellectual Freedom - We ensure access to information for all. We foster a spirit of curiosity and support an informed society by championing an individual's right to read, learn, and explore.

Lifelong Learning & Discover - We support learning and encourage discovery at every age. We believe that education and space for reflection should be equitably available to all people.

Welcoming & Inclusive - We strive to make all members of our community feel safe and included, in our building and outside our walls. We value Burlington's diversity and provide experiences that recognize, engage, and respond to all people.