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City of Burlington

  1. Citizen Complaint Form
  1. Public Defense Comment, Complaint and Question Form

    A form for all comments, complaints and questions regarding public defense in Burlington Municipal Court.

Contact Forms - Individuals

  1. E-mail Parks & Recreation - Parks Division

    E-mail Parks & Recreation - Parks Division

  2. E-mail Burlington Division Chief - EMS

    E-mail Burlington Division Chief - EMS

  3. E-mail Burlington Police Chief

    E-mail Police Chief Michael Luvera

  4. E-mail Christi Kinney

    E-mail Christi Kinney

  5. E-mail City Cemetery Services

    E-mail City Cemetery Services

  6. E-mail Don Erickson

    E-mail Sewer Department Supervisor, Don Erickson

  7. E-mail Erica Littlewood

    E-mail Fire Prevention Specialist, Erica Littlewood

  8. E-mail Gina Upham

    E-mail Gina Upham

  9. E-mail John Abenroth

    E-mail John Abenroth

  10. E-mail Marv Pulst

    E-mail Public Works Director, Marv Pulst

  11. E-mail Mike Lumpkin

    E-mail Community Resource Officer Mike Lumpkin

  12. E-mail Parks & Recreation Director

    E-mail Parks & Recreation Director Jennifer Berner

  13. E-mail Sarah Ward

    E-mail Library Director, Sarah Ward

  14. E-mail The Finance Department

    E-mail The Finance Department

  15. E-mail The Municipal Court

    E-mail The Municipal Court

  16. E-mail The Police Records Unit

    E-mail The Police Records Unit

  17. E-mail The Utility Billing Clerk

    E-mail The Utility Billing Clerk

  18. Unsubscribe From Parks & Recreation E-mails

    Unsubscribe From Parks & Recreation E-mail lists

  1. E-mail Brian Dempsey

    E-mail Assistant Public Works Director, Brian Dempsey

  2. E-mail Burlington Fire Chief

    E-mail Burlington Fire Chief

  3. E-mail Cemetery Maintenance Supervisor

    E-mail Cemetery Maintenance Supervisor

  4. E-mail City Administrator

    E-mail City Administrator

  5. E-mail City Hall

    E-mail Burlington City Hall

  6. E-mail Eric Peterson

    E-mail Facilities Maintenance Supervisor, Eric Peterson

  7. E-mail Fiber Team

    E-mail Fiber Team

  8. E-mail Jenny Cole

    E-mail Library Volunteer Coordinator Jenny Cole

  9. E-mail Juan Farias

    E-mail the Public Defense Program Assistant, Juan Farias

  10. E-mail Mayor Steve Sexton

    E-mail Mayor Steve Sexton

  11. E-mail Parks & Recreation - Recreation Division

    E-mail Parks & Recreation - Recreation Division

  12. E-mail Public Works

    E-mail Public Works

  13. E-mail The Building Department

    E-mail The Building Department

  14. E-mail The Library

    E-mail The Library

  15. E-mail The Planning Department

    E-mail The Planning Department

  16. E-mail The Sewer Department

    E-mail The Sewer Department

  17. E-mail Travis Schwetz

    E-mail Travis Schwetz


  1. Bicycle Registration

    Fill out this form to register your bicycle with the city so we know who to call if your bicycle is located.

  2. Police Department Survey

    August 2015 Police Department Survey

  1. Dog Registration

    Register your dog so we know who to contact if your dog is located.

  2. Vacation Check

    Fill out this form to have your residence or business checked on while you're out of town.